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Coyote Ragtime Show Fan Community

12/28/06 10:15 pm - marcus_rel

Hey there,

As you can guess, yes I also became a fan of the show. I watched the first episode a while back when they were showing it for free, via the link for ANN. I never thought of searchng LJ for a community, and I was surprised that there weren't more lol. Anyways I'm looking foreward to discussing the show and etc, so to open up the floor how bout I ask a question?

I know it seems like a stupid question, but it hasn't been asked yet. Who is your favourite sister? And back up your answer, a few words explaining why would do just fine.


11/29/06 07:46 pm - pr0t0manblues - showtime!

ok, here's some fanart!

there ya go. post any ones you have here. MISTAH PLEEZ

11/29/06 01:12 am - pr0t0manblues - sup, coyotes

anyone have any idea when adv will release this?

and, for the hell of it, does anyone have any decent fanart of mister? all I ever find is the sisters.

9/18/06 02:12 am - silvernyte

the series nears it's end!

10 out of 12 eps are subbed, 11 aired in Japan so far. the pace is picking up and a few little new developments have shown up. what's everyone here thinking so far?

also, I need to find a way to liven this place up! maybe a fanfic contest? I haven't found a single Coyote Ragtime Show fanfic out there and this could be a way to actually get some out there AND liven up this comm. what do you people think?

8/23/06 04:12 am - silvernyte - wai! life!

my work schedule has been a little hectic and my health took a bit of a dive, but it's GREAT to finally get a chance to check back here and see some life!

so... to get some discussion started on this series...

what drew you to the series? what do you like best about it? what character(s) do you like?

for me, I'm a sci-fi junky, I grew up in a family that loved both Star Trek and Star Wars equally well and I tend to at least check out info on sci-fi anime. the summary for it got me interested as well as the art, especially when I checked out some screengrabs after ep 1 aired. when I got a chance to watch ep 1 I enjoyed it, it was pretty easy to guess a lot of what would happen but it was still FUN. the fun factor kept me watching and eventually hooked me.

for favorite character, well, I hold that for a geezer Mister is damn cool but Katana manages to amuse me to no end. so, Katana in first place, Mister in second.

excuse any incoherance in this post, it's after 4am here, I'm unable to sleep, and the damned neighbors are using loudy heavy equipment again for the third night in a row so I doubt even if I DO get sleep it'll be much or well.

7/31/06 07:52 pm - xdraco_deax - ICONS

+15 Coyote Ragtime Show


over at my (ICON JOURNAL)

credit dracodea_icons if taking

x-posted to coyote_icons

7/31/06 11:47 am - underblacklight - Awright~!

So I watched episode 1. It's a marvelous anime!

anything that makes me giggle at 3AM AND capture my attention is good.

Um...still dling eps 2-4, but I'm most certainly happy there was a comm for this anime.

I'll be back with more insight once I've watched more. ^_^

7/28/06 08:40 pm - xdraco_deax - WOOOOO HOOOOO!

silvernyte totally wins at life for creating this community. I was actually contemplating making a fan community, but I guess I don't have to now. ^_^

Anywho. First, question for the mod: I (just this very minute actually, about an hour ago) created a community for Coyote Ragtime Show icons. Want to affiliate? coyote_icons.

Secondly. I come bearing a gift. A pretty crappy icon which I wasn't going to share with anyone. But, I'm feeling very nice today, so I'll share. It's not too great, and it's the first animated icon I've ever made. Here ya go:

If you use the icon, credit dracodea_icons

Um...that's all for now!

7/26/06 12:05 am - silvernyte - Welcome to Coyote Ragtime!

if you're here, you're obviously interested in the show or already a fan of it. welcome to the comm!
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